Graphics Designer Through The Glass Creatives


Through The Glass Creatives is looking for Graphics Designers and Digital Designers who are hardworking and willing to learn. We need a fluent English Speaking applicant who is great with technological adaptation. You will be able to work in the comfort of your home provided you are able to meet online as needed and finish projects on time.


- FLUENT in Written and Spoken English

- High-Speed Internet at least (20mbps)

- Workable Computer (at least Intel i5, 6th Gen and Windows 10 OS)

Mandatory Requirements and Responsibilities

  • Must have strong English communication skills. 
  • Video rendering on Facebook Ads 
  • Video production on YouTube Ads 
  • Meeting project deadlines and submitting projects for review by the Ads Team in a timely manner to allow for necessary revisions and improvements as noted. 
  • Demonstrated knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite 
  • Demonstrated knowledge of Adobe InDesign 
  • Demonstrated knowledge of Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere
  • Essential Function Preferred Experience
  • Conduct extensive media outreach.
  • Improve communication efficiencies within the company 
  • Manage video content. 
  • Research media coverage and industry trends.
  • Create a wide variety of video content and motion graphics for brands' social channels and campaigns A deep curiosity and passion for great design, current creative and technology trends, and
  • exceptional attention to detail 
  • The ability to think critically and solve problems with concrete direction 
  • 3+ years of relevant design experience 
  • Be in touch with both the "big picture and the nitty-gritty details of a project or campaign 
  • Support in developing strong, innovative video treatments 
  • Design, edit and animate digital video content and motion graphics

The ideal candidate will be a creative thinker who has strong design skills. They should be able to communicate effectively in order to understand the criteria of a project and deliver a carefully crafted design. This candidate should be able to collect feedback on various projects and if necessary, adapt their approach for future projects.

We encourage a good working environment and we love to work with people of pleasing personalities. We are welcoming students and we don't mind if you don't have a diploma as long as you are able to do the job right.

The open slots for work-time is at night 10:00pm to 6:00am and 11:00pm to 7:00am.

We prefer people who have experience in working night shifts and people who have the dedication to transitioning their body clock.

Applicant must also take note of the following:

- Message the Through The Glass Creatives Facebook Page for further Instructions

- Applicant must submit a portfolio to

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