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Mobile technology is revolutionising how organisations engage with their end users. More than 96% of the world’s population has access to a mobile phone, meaning it is now possible to reach nearly every single person on the planet. Yet 3 billion people living in emerging markets still lack access to relevant, timely, and engaging information in their local languages, and their voices remain underheard.

The organisations that serve them lack the technology and capacity to reach them, and many are unaware of the power of mobile technology to meet their organisational goals.

Viamo connects individuals and organisations using digital technology to make better decisions.

With more than 30 million people reached in 2020 alone, we are well on our way to meeting our goal of reaching 50 million people annually by 2023.

About the role

In this role, you will work with other team members to improve our current products and features as well as create new products. Currently Viamo is focusing on the following three product areas: 3-2-1 ( an information on demand toll-free short-code service available through interactive voice response (IVR); Workforce engagement tools, a suite of complementary services that facilitate workers to receive their daily tasks, get trained, carry out their activities, submit their reports, and get paid all through their simple (non-smart) mobile phones; Behaviour Change and Transactions applications which include marketplaces for users to connect and exchange goods and services, digital health tools to support improved health outcomes and appointments and reminders to encourage adoption of healthy behaviours. 

All of these products include at least two types of users: 

i) Core users of Viamo’s products, including staff members and self-serve clients who operate the web based platform to achieve impact on projects. 

ii) End users who use the Viamo products through their mobile phones to access content shared through various channels: Social, IVR, SMS, USSD.

Your responsibilities would include taking these insights from our user types and balancing technical requirements and specifications, and translating them into cohesive designs that align with Viamo's products and services' overall vision.

You would work remotely across time zones with other members of Viamo's Design chapter and global sales & project team members and be exceptionally organised to maximize efficiency with other team members.

Oh yeah: you love the idea of travelling to meet our different users in Africa, Asia and other parts of the world as needed.

Key Responsibilities

  • Approach problems creatively by using user-centred design approaches to understand the way users might use or "misuse" the products.
  • Be actively involved and continually deliver on agreed product vision while operating at the product crew and squad level using the Design, PM, and Engineer (trifecta) close collaboration model. 
  • Be involved in every aspect of creating our products' feel, look, and behaviour.
  • Be engaged in discussions regarding product visioning, business impact, futures for our users, and the product's design. 
  • Show understanding of the business value behind every design decision, backed by data learned through research that challenges/confirms our assumptions while measuring success through user satisfaction and engagement.
  • Show curiosity, interest, and be willing to explore new ways to solve problems as user needs keep changing.
  • Make sketches and develop high fidelity UI mockups and prototypes that illustrate how features would be used and interacted with in different contexts.
  • Be involved in applying lean research and user interviews to gather and evaluate user needs while collaborating closely with other Viamo Team members to create coherent, integrated products & services.
  • Synthesising findings and creating personas, journey maps (incld. jobs to be done), conduct user testing, and reporting those insights to the product development team.
  • Apply existing design guidelines and Viamo's Design System to your prototypes and be willing to contribute to building and maintaining the system. 
  • Take delight in exceeding expectations of our users and partners.


  • A portfolio of design experience showing creative thinking and problem solving
  • Experience with user-facing design of a product web application and or mobile applications and with a team of other designers and developers in an Agile process to develop products and platforms.
  • The right balance of patience and persistence in both following and pioneering design processes.
  • Experience and involvement in product visioning, understanding the business value behind design decisions, and user satisfaction from product use.
  • Fluency in the use of design prototyping tools.
  • The ability to prioritise and balance work/time investment across areas of a product roadmap.
  • Sound knowledge of usability principles of design and design facilitation approaches.
  • Experience working remotely in a similar position.

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