Senior Product Designer

Salesforce Remote San Francisco, CA

At Salesforce, our UX teams aspire to make products that people love. Products that make a salesperson’s day more productive, a marketer’s campaign more impactful, and a developer’s app more feature-rich. Behind our products are an amazing team of UX designers and engineers, driven by the power of design to build great relationships for our users and their customers. Our UX team is growing, and we’re looking for you!

As part of our team, you will turbocharge our burgeoning Conversation Design practice in crafting and articulating the conversational product vision through strong rationale, top notch conversation prototyping skills, and seasoned intuition, working closely with product and technology partners along the way. You will get your hands dirty in all aspects of end-to-end experience design including using storyboards, flow diagrams, wireframes, interactive prototypes, and high fidelity mockups to illustrate Conversation Design ideas and direction.


As a talented and seasoned Senior Conversation Design , you’ll partner with a cross functional team to bring your ideas to life. You will help shape the future of Salesforce and conversational chat interfaces that facilitate personalized, dynamic, equitable interactions that streamline user tasks and business processes. In partnership with UX Design, Product Management, Engineering, Data Science, and Content Experience, you will have the opportunity to make a huge impact while solving meaningful problems and creating new design patterns and paradigms.

Are you passionate about shaping the future of design for conversational experiences but not sure if it’s a fit? We are hiring for multiple levels and want to meet you!

  • Partner closely with product owners, engineers, UX design, data science, and user research to create a vision for a unified conversational experience.
  • Function as a bridge across disciplines, such as Design, Product, Engineering, Data Science, and Marketing.
  • Advocate for ethical and equitable inclusion of historically underrepresented populations, language variations, dialects, and idiolects in conversational training data.
  • Promote a culture of linguistic diversity, questioning language biases, and engendering openness towards different ways of having conversation throughout the organization.
  • Compellingly communicate your ideas to a wide range of stakeholders.
  • Identify users’ conversational needs and triangulate that against the technology of the platform.
  • Develop a strategy for conversational repair when misunderstandings occur.
  • Generate detailed specs of final conversation designs that allow Developers to build accurately.
  • Work with UX Designers, Content Experience Writers, Developers, and Quality Engineers to deliver polished, final products.
  • Craft conversation task and goal structure that moves users toward a clear goal in a transparent way.
  • Create conversation design copy that adheres to and extends Salesforce’s existing style guidelines and tone of voice.
  • Evangelize new conversation design guidelines and patterns for a chat-based experience.

Desired Experience

  • 2-3 years of relevant work experience designing and delivering conversational products in chat, with well-rounded expertise in conversational flow architecture, conversational copy/discourse design, and prototyping for chat experiences.
  • Experience designing chatbot experiences for enterprise.
  • Experience negotiating platform functionality and architectural needs for the sake of a conversational outcome.
  • Experience building and deploying bots in builders such as Einstein Bot Builder, Dialogflow, Rasa, or other similar tools.
  • Experience designing conversations that are global in reach and optimized for users of multiple languages and abilities.
  • Experience designing and thinking in design systems, not just single-purpose dialogs or turns.
  • Seasoned in evangelizing Conversation Design principles internally with immediate and extended stakeholders, focusing on design rationale beyond tactical solutions.
  • Experience using data, user research, and analytics to help make recommendations and iterate on the product.
  • Expertise in conductive evaluative research on conversational experiences including, but not limited to, Wizard of Oz testing, usability testing, and playback interviews.

Desired Skills

  • Good technical aptitude and interest in conversational AI, machine learning & chatbots.
  • Delivering brand value and unique moments in the user experience through use of linguistic variation, discourse markers, and conversational style in text.
  • Expert knowledge of design tools such as Botsociety, or Botmock.
  • Expertise in ethically sourcing intent training data from historically underrepresented populations across myriad language variations, dialects, and idiolects.
  • Demonstrated ability to influence peers and managers, and build consensus while dealing with ambiguity.
  • Ability to teach the foundational principles and process of Conversation Design and cultivating language diversity in the experience to stakeholders who have little to no experience with Conversation Design.
  • An internal compass that points towards ethics and equality, and the conviction to speak up if we stray off-course.
  • A desire to be your authentic self in the workplace.

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