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What is Current?

Our mission is to enable budget-conscious consumers to earn additional income from their everyday habits. We accomplish this with an Android app and smartphonethat pay users to listen to music, charge their phone, play games, complete surveys, and more. Our products also connect users with exclusive deals to help them save and earn even more.

We’ve grown our product by several multiples in the last year: over 500,000 people earn on Current daily, we’re approaching $1M in monthly payouts to users, and are maintaining positive margins at an 8-figure revenue run rate.

Our Product organization is made up of cross-functional pods that own specific areas of Current. Each pod has a Product Manager, Engineers, and a shared Designer, and together, they rally around their pillar of Current. They are responsible for solving the hardest problems our users and business face and delivering great product experiences. Our team members are constantly pushing each other to grow and take every opportunity to learn from each other. At the same time, each team member has full ownership over their work and is a leader on their team.

Our teams work to create value for our end users by building seamless experiences and solving painful problems. Product, Design, and Engineering work closely throughout the exploration, ideation, and refinement phases of the design process to balance value to our users, value to the business, and technical feasibility. We use user research, data analysis, and rigorous experimentation to deliver the best solutions for our users while growing the business.


About the role

Today, Current has a single UX designer, and with the addition of the Senior UX Designer role, we’ll move to a “hybrid” operating model for our Design Team where designers own specific product areas. Over the next 6-12 months, we’ll transition further into an “embedded” team model to further enhance focus (reference for UX operating models).

As a Senior UX Designer, you’ll help our product teams solve problems in innovative, seamless, delightful, and usable ways. You’ll work closely with Product Managers and Engineering to break down complex business and user problems into simple yet efficient solutions. You’ll also lead our product’s design strategy across the different product teams.

You’ll have the following responsibilities:

  • Lead UX strategy for the product. You’ll work with the Product Manager to translate the product team’s mission into a vision of the user experience we want to build towards.
  • Drive exploration and ideation. You’ll partner with Product to conduct exploratory research and lead brainstorming sessions with the product team to generate effective solutions.
  • Create designs. Based on an idea’s fidelity, you’ll create low fidelity wireframes through production-ready prototypes for your product features. There will also be opportunities to help with animations, copy, and communication throughout the product experience.
  • Communicate your design work to cross-functional teams. You’ll broadcast the principles core to the Design team’s work as well as the approaches the team takes for various initiatives.
  • Mentor junior designers. Individual contributions are only part of what you bring to the table. You’ll seek to multiply your impact on a team by mentoring others on the team and build a strong design culture and identity.


We’d love to talk to you if you…

  • Prioritize simplicity
  • Have extensive UX experience designing B2C Android apps
  • Have proficiency in prototyping and design tools (Figma, Sketch, XD)
  • Are detail-oriented and intentional with your design work and project management
  • Are customer-obsessed and lean on research and data to make informed design decisions
  • Have experience setting the design vision for a product area
  • Have experience creating and maintaining a design system
  • Have experience leading and mentoring designers
  • Have a solid grasp of user-centered design and research methodologies, and can define key research questions to answer
  • Are a great communicator and storyteller
  • Are excited about joining a fast-growing team and product


This is a remote-first role, with an annual salary of $60k-90k USD and other benefits (including bonus and stock options).

What We Are Offering

  • Participation in the company's equity & token plan
  • Work with highly curated high caliber people
  • Celebrate employee personal milestones
  • Remote team building activities every 6-8 weeks
  • Virtual happy hours & virtual coffee buddies
  • - we use as a way to recognize and reward employees for their hard work + commitment 
  • Monthly virtual yoga + meditation classes
  • We follow the “12 PM to 1 PM CST Break” - no meetings during this time to encourage team members to take a break in their workday!


Interview process

The interview process consists of a 30-minute phone screen, a 1-hour design skills interview, and a virtual onsite with a mix of Engineers, Product Managers, and Senior Leadership interviews.


How We Work

Current is committed to learning, exploring new ideas & alternatives, and is united by curiosity. We are results-driven, use OKRs to guide us on our decisions, and emphasize goal accomplishment.

We put emphasis on the following Values:

  • Lead with Purpose
  • Leadership does not necessarily mean management. Everyone is a leader, no matter the role. Taking pride in your responsibilities, finding & executing solutions is key.
  • Focus on the ‘Why’
  • The best solutions start with everyone understanding the problem and its impact. We’ve found that if someone understands the ‘why’, they will produce an innovative ‘what’ and ‘how’. If we cannot explain the ‘why’ clearly, we don’t understand the problem ourselves.
  • Bring a Sense of Humor
  • Our work environment is a lighthearted & positive place where employees are united by humor and camaraderie; we believe laughter is a great way to uplift employee morale and form bonds with each other.
  • Set New Precedents
  • We drive innovation and push boundaries for all company activities while understanding that anything worth doing will have roadblocks. We set a new standard of worth for people’s time, data, and attention while rewarding what most other companies take.
  • Collaboration
  • We won’t thrive without recognizing others strengths. Listen and evolve together, helping and supporting each other for the sake of a collective goal.


We believe in the following workplace Norms:

  • Honor Commitments, Your Word Matters
  • Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant & Timely (S.M.A.R.T) Asks & Answers
  • Allow OKRs To Guide Us
  • Individual & Departmental OKRs will largely impact success at Current
  • Agree to Disagree & Commit
  • Voice concerns in a respectful & appropriate manner directly to your manager or the Executive Team
  • Assume Positive Intent
  • Always start from the idea that a person meant well or was doing their best, no matter what they say or do

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