Visual Designer - Graphic + Video OKEx


Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the company's brand and daily operations in Korea related design work, including but not limited to the brand and activities main vision, posters, information maps, all kinds of pages, custom gifts and other creative design;

2. Responsible for video production, editing, subtitle arrangement and so on for Korea localization promotion, product introduction;

3. Pay attention to the trend of visual design, accurately grasp the Korean popular design style;

4. Cooperate with all departments, arrange project demand scheduling reasonably, can actively follow up, communicate, coordinate, and be responsible for the final design results, efficient output.


Representation requirements:

1. visual communication, graphic design related professional, more than 3 years visual design related experience, experience in crypto currency industry is preferred;

2. Skilled use of PS、AI、PM and other design or video editing software, excellent design creative thinking and rapid response rate;

3. Good communication and understanding skills, strong sense of responsibility and execution, able to work under pressure;

4. Korean nationality or Korean as native language, proficient in English, understand Korean local user habits.